Corporate Services The Companies Act of Saint Lucia, Cap 13.01 of the Revised Laws makes provision for the formation of Company with shareholding, external and non-profit companies.

    • Company formation- Domestic Company Incorporating or registering your business is the best way of protecting your personal assets from company liabilities. Ellaine T. French & Associates meets the needs of the clients in a timely manner. For more information, you can contact the representative of the firm via email or on any of the telephone numbers listed in Contact Us.
    •  Company with shareholdings:
    • Legal documents required:
      • Approved Request for Name Search and Name Reservation (prescribed form)
      • Completed Articles of Incorporation (prescribed form)
      • Consent to Act as a Director
      • Notice of Directors (prescribed form)
      • Notice of Address of Registered Office (prescribed form)
      • Statutory Declaration signed by an Attorney-at-Law
    • External Company- An external company means any firm or other body of persons, whether incorporated or unincorporated, that is formed under the laws of a country other than Saint Lucia.
    •  Legal documents required:
      • Approved Request for Name Search and Name Reservation (prescribed form)
      • Application for registration (prescribed form)
      • Statutory Declaration by Director
      • Statutory Declaration by Attorney-at-Law
      • Power of Attorney (prescribed form)
      • Consent to act as Attorney (prescribed form)
      • Certified copies of corporate instruments from jurisdiction of incorporation
    • Non-Profit Company- A non-profit company is a company without share capital. The word “incorporated” or “corporation”or the abbreviations “inc” or “corp” shall be the last word of the name.
    • Legal documents required:
      • Approved Request for Name Search and Name Reservation (prescribed form)
      • Letter of Approval from the Attorney General
      • Articles of Incorporation (prescribed form)
      • Notice of Directors (prescribed form)
      • Notice of Address (prescribed form)
      • Statutory declaration
    • Company administration and secretarial ancillary services – Company administration and secretarial ancillary services which include but are not limited to:
      • preparing draft resolutions
      • filing of notice of directors, secretary and any other documents
      • assistance with the continuance of struck off companies
      • assistance with the preparation and filing of share transfer certificates and allotment of shares
      • amendment of articles
      • preparation and filing of annual returns
      • preparation of bye-laws
      • making requests for Certificates of Good Standing
    • Business Names- Another way of protecting the name of your business is by registering a Business Name. A Business Name can be registered by either an individual, a firm or a corporation. Contact us to either
      • register your Business Name
      • cease the Business Name
      • or any other ancillary services relevant to the Business Name

Intellectual Property

Registration of: Patents, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications

  • Trademarks
  • The protection of your name, logo or any sign that distinguishes your goods and services in your business from the goods and services of another in the market place is worth protecting. Registration gives you exclusive right to use your trademark or authorise another to use it.
  • Contact Us for further information and assistance in protecting your valuable asset via
    • registration
    • assignment of trademark
    • renewal
    • any other ancillary matters relevant to trademarks


  • Succession/Making of Wills
  • Do you wish the courts to determine how your assets should be divided up after death?
  •  Do you wish others to determine what assets your children and spouse should acquire on your death?
  •  The making of a will is your expression of how you wish your assets to be divided.
  •  It is one of the most important legal documents you may ever have to prepare.
  • A will has no effect until the testator dies.
  •  Make the lives of persons you love and care about hassle free after you can no longer be with them.


  • Preparation of Marriage Licenses
  • Desirous of getting married in our beautiful island, Saint Lucia while on your cruise or vacationing in Saint Lucia? Our law firm can prepare your documents to obtain a marriage licence. Contact Us to assist you in obtaining a licence. We can assist with finding a marriage officer and persons who can provide a package for a complete wedding ceremony. Original documents required of the following:
  • Birth Certificates
  • Passports
  • Divorce Certificate (where applicable)
  • Deed Poll of name change (where applicable)
  • Death and Marriage Certificates (where applicable)
  • Immigration Cards
  •  Probate and Letters of Administration



  • Conveyancing


  • Real Estate